5 Reasons to choose a boutique hotel for your accommodation

Organizing the details of a trip might be a tricky task. One should think about all the factors that a journey includes and definitely the preferences of those who travelling. A major subject is definitely the accommodation. There are many hotels and different types of them and even more marketing tricks that sometimes make it difficult to decide which is the most appropriate hotel for each traveler. Among the different types of hotels there is the concept of boutique hotels that seems to attract more and more travelers per year. But what is this concept all about?

Boutique Hotel :

is a term initially used in America and the United Kingdom to describe small hotels which have typically between 10 and 100 rooms in unique settings with upscale accommodations. Many boutique hotels are furnished in a themed, stylish or aspirational manner. As the years pass there are many travelers that prefer this type of hotels for their accommodation and we have concluded to five main reasons for their choice.

  1. 1. The smaller the better:

    Boutique hotels by definitions do not count beyond 100 rooms. In fact the smallest a hotel is the easiest is to pass the concept of the boutique hotel to a guest. The main concern in boutique hotels is to build a theme and a big size does not help in such cases. For a guest this can only count as a benefit. Those who are not fond of big size hotels and impersonal service a boutique hotel is the best option.

  2. 2. Small size Big Personality:

    No matter where a boutique hotel always provides its guests with an inevitable feel for the location. You will probably meet boutique hotels in a centre, areas of historical significance, trendy areas or in spectacular sceneries. Sometimes even the buildings of boutique hotel have a special characteristic. Therefore, the accommodation in a boutique hotel aims to a special and rare experience which a guest is unlikely to have in a resort or a large chain hotel.

  3. 3. Personalized service:

    Due to the aforementioned reasons a guest who will choose a boutique hotel for his accommodation will experience truly personalized service. When someone works in a large company there is the feeling that you are just a small part of a big machine. On the other hand working in a small special business makes you more responsible and pay attention to details. Generally, it is most likely that a small hotel will attract employees who are passionate about their work and the area they live and work in and share their enthusiasm with all the visitors. All staff members pay more attention to each guest and therefore they have the opportunity to notice every single wish that the most demanding guest may have. From remembering your name to friendly conversations you will definitely meet staff who will go out of their way so you make the most out of your visit.

  4. 4. Design & Decoration:

    The design and decoration of each boutique hotel is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Either a historical monumental or a newly constructed building boutique hotels always stand out from the conventional hotels. The majority of boutique hotels are pieces of art carefully designed and decorated by architects and interior decorators who know how to stand out from the crowd. From the lobby to each room you will see attention to detail and special characteristics that make every aspect of a boutique hotel unique. In fact there are visitors who adore returning to same boutique hotels and stay in different rooms to explore the entire property as in the most boutique hotels the rooms differ.

  5. 5. Feel the luxury:

    In a boutique hotel you may take luxury for granted. There is a cosier feel orientated to a specific experience, style, or image rather than the simple functionality and monotone rooms. Decoration items, furniture, linen are often of highest standards and luxury.

Undeniably there are many other reasons why a boutique hotel suits better travelers who seek something more personalized and special. One is for sure: boutique trend has generated popularity among traveling public. So if you have never have experienced an accommodation in a boutique hotel consider doing so in your next trip. We will be more than happy to receive any additional feedback on the matter!