Serenissima Boutique Hotel Chania


Serenissima Boutique Hotel can host any event requested, either in the hotel and restaurant premises, or outside. Our experienced staff undertakes fulfilling your wishes through full hosting and coverage of weddings, anniversaries and company events.

We kindly request that you contact us to learn about our attractive options.

Easter: One of the most significant holidays for the Greek people, it celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The week leading to Easter Sunday is also significant with daily rituals taking place in the islands many beautiful churches. Easter Sunday is celebrated by eating roasted lamb on a spit (breaking a 40 day fast from meat) and with music and dancing.


Elafonissi Beach: A true wonder of nature and widely recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece as well as Europe, Elafonissi is one of the top destinations for Chania visitors. Its crystal-clear turquoise water and red and white sand never cease to awe visitors. The area is a peninsula which splits in the center giving the impression of being an island. It is fascinating for children because of its shallow waters but certain areas are also ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It is also surrounded by many exotic species of trees and flowers and the area is designated “Natura” which signifies its special protection status.

Serenissima Boutique Hotel Chania
Serenissima Boutique Hotel Chania


The Old Harbor of Chania is located just minutes on foot from the hotel and its marina docks many boats, primarily sailboats. The Yacht Club is also located there and is the primary meeting place for boat enthusiasts. Serenissima can arrange a variety of boat trips for our guests where they can experience Chania from another angle: via beautiful Mediterranean waters. Boat trips to remote areas of the island will give the visitor the stunning natural environment feel found in Crete.


Chania is also a fantastic place for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is especially known for its underwater caverns which are found in the Akrotiri peninsula and for its two World War Two German plane wrecks found on the northern part of the island near Agia Marina. Serenissima can organize snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions for our guests as well as a variety of water sports and fun sea based activities.

Serenissima Boutique Hotel Chania
Serenissima Boutique Hotel Chania


Chania is well known for its natural beauty and historical sites and we can arrange excursions to a variety of destinations for our guests.

Samaria Gorge: The gorge is a major attraction for visitors to Crete. It is a national park and designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is home to a rare wild goat species the “Kri Kri” and to various wild herbs and flowers. The long rugged path ends in the fishing village of Agia Roumeli where visitors cool off with a dip in the refreshing waters of the Libyan Sea.

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